Rangoli used for pooja are a special types of rangoli. You might have seen while performing a pooja to a specific deity, a Hindu priest usually draws a special kind of rangoli on the floor. This rangoli design is either specific for the pooja deity or is a ritualistic step in performing the pooja. This kind of a rangoli helps the priest aggregate the divine energies that are associate with the pooja.

Sometimes pooja rangoli designs represents the structure of a mandala or a chakra that unpuzzles the route to reach the deity. The mandala rangoli is usually made in front of the statue or photo of the deity. But in certain situation the deity may also be placed in the center of the mandala. In this kind of pooja the mandala surrounds the deity and the divine energy radiates from the mandala.  Many times a priest also draws a yantra on the floor. The yantra has a ritualistic significance to the pooja being performed. The priest energizes the yantra rangoli though mantras and tantras during the pooja, and initiates it to slowly release the energies acquired during the pooja in the coming days. Yantra rangoli design is usually left in place, untouched on the floor for 3 days after pooja. The yantra rangoli is a very powerful form of rangoli.

In a general tone, there are rangoli designs that are dedicated to please and welcome Hindu deity. There are specific rangoli designs for the pooja of every good and goddesses from Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kaali to Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman and Sai baba. These rangoli designs are used in households to welcome the deity home and bless the family living in the house. They can either be  made inside the house, in the pooja room or outside the door too. These are also called pooja rangoli designs. They are made before performing the pooja to the god, as a pooja adornment. A beutiful pooja rangoli can please the gods to come into your home.

Karmashya pooja rangoli stencils are very easy to use. The designs used in the Karmashya pooja rangoli stencils have a direct reference to Hindu religious texts and mythology. Most pooja rangoli designs are quite intricate, complicated and difficult to make. But with Karmashya pooja rangoli stencils you can make any pooja rangoli within a few minute. You may also choose to further adorn your pooja rangoli with flowers or oil lamps.

Welcome your lord home today, make a beautiful pooja rangoli today.