What could be a better way to decorate you home than a beautiful rangoli on a festive day ? With Karmashya festival Rangoli stencil you can make beautiful festival rangoli. The graceful and the alluring charm of a well made rangoli will brighten up the aura of  you home. The magic of intricate designs and the bewitchery of colours will entice the guests visiting you. Guests from different cultures are usually spellbound by the art.Using Karmashya festival rangoli stencil You may embelish your festive rangoli with diyas, flowers, leaves, small LED lights or even food grains. if left undisturbed a rangoli can last for almost a week. Be it your Main Entrance or the hall, or the living room, or your pooja room a beautiful festive rangoli adds a warm ambiance. India is  a huge country, not just by the span of geographical extent, but also considering the cultural diversity of the land. with so much cultural diversity comes into existence diverse local traditions, rituals, mythological legends and their folklore. Likewise every festival in India is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country, it is  more like a marriage between the religion and local beliefs and traditions. when you look carefully into these local festive traditions, you will discover an assorted collection of rangolis for different festivals.  With such a rich cultural heritage, every festival is associated with some specific festival rangoli form in some area of india or the other.From various cultures of  India we have  handpicked the best festival rangoli designs for you. The curated collection has a rangoli for every festive occasion. From Ganesha Chaturthi to Krishna Janmashtami, to Holi to Diwali you name it, we have a rangoli for the day.  With Karmashya Festival Rangoli Stencil making a sophisticated and beautiful festive rangoli is a child’s play.  It has never been this easy before, you will know it when you try it. Happy Festival.