Shani Prarthana Mantra

Importance of Shani Prarthana Mantra

Saturn is also known for Heavenly Body and also the most important of Navagraha’s.

3 Phases of Sani that evolve in Human Life, Magnu Sani, Pongu Sani & Marna Sani.

He punishes bad deeds and rewards good deeds.

As a teacher he prepares us to go through punitive measures to achieve patience & discipline.

Om Hreem Vishnave Namaha” – Empowers Career.

Worship of Hanuman especially, Dakshinamukhi Hanuman or South facing Hanuman is a best way to attract the blessings of Saturn.

Meaning of the Shani Prarthana Mantra

Oh Dear Lord Saturn, the child of the Sun God,owner of many good qualities and properties.Please End my turmoils & troubles, fulfill my wishes & desires of life,and please do not ever force my life in to state of sorrow.

Shani Prarthana Mantra
Shani Prarthana Mantra

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