Vishwamitra’s Request

Have you read the story of King Dasaratha and his sons? If we glance at the previous chapters, we will find how Dasaratha struggled to have a son. Dasaratha’s sons were born according to the portion of quantity of paayasam (Porridge) which was drunk by all his wives. They are generally contemplated to be the parts of Lord Vishnu to the portion of  payasam drunk. Hence Rama is correlated as  half of Vishnu. But this is  mathematics  &  irrelevant even by calculations to make such assumptions. Here is a Sruti which tells us that even a portion of the ultimate is still the ultimate and supreme by itself.

“Om Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaat Poornamudachyate Poornasya Poornamaadaaya Poornamevaavasishyate.”   – Which Means?

“What is infinite is infinte. what has come out of the infinite is also infinite. When the infinite is taken out of the infinite, the infinite still remains infinite.

The Future King of Ayodhya

All four sons  of  King Dasharatha went through rigorous training required to be a prince & finally one prince would be the  future king of Ayodhya. Among all these four, Rama and Lakshmana were very closely dedicated to each other and so were Bharata and Satrughna. King Dasaratha had no complains with the upbringing of  his children & was a happy father. They had all qualities that had to be in a prince. They were brave, strong and lovable.

Vishwamitra’s Request

Sage Vishwaamitra who was considered as a most authoritative and energetic among all the other Rishis once visited the palace of king Dasaratha. During the time of his visit Dasaratha was foreseeing his son’s matrimony. All his escorts rushed to tell that the sage Vishwaamitra is arrived to meet the king. It was an accidental visit of sage Vishwaamitra to Ayodhya. King Dasaratha came down the throne to welcome the sage. Vishwaamitra was a King earlier. He went through and practised dreadful asperity’s to attain such powers and became a sage. In this course of time he tried creating a new Brahma and a alternate universe. But had to stop it with the appeal of the petrified gods.

King Dasaratha: Welcome Rishi! Welcome to my Palace.

Sage Vishwaamitra: Thank You! Dasaratha.

King Dasaratha: Rishi! As you have come to my Palace, I am feeling blessed among all the men. This is by the good deeds done by my ancestors, that you are here. When i look at your face, I am filled with joy. Thank you so much for coming to my palace. Even though you were born as a king, by your great Tapaas(Meditation) you have attained the Title as”Brahma Rishi”. Please tell me if there is anything i can do for you! If yes, then I shall do it as a command.

Sage Vishwaamitra: O Vishwaamitra! I am happy to hear these words from you. Born as a King in a lineage of Ikshvaaku, and with Vasishtha as your guide, I expected these words from you. As you have already said “Yes” before I asked you anything makes me feel proud of you.

King Dasaratha: Thank You! Sage

Sage Vishwaamitra directly explains King Dasaratha the reason for his visit

Sage Vishwaamitra: King! I am committed to perform a sacrifice, but 2 Rakshasas (demons) by the  name Maareecha and Subaahu annihilate the yaaga near completion, by spewing filthy and disgusting flesh and blood on the religious Fire and all our pooja goes unproductive. As other rishi’s, I can curse them and destroy them but if I do so, all the tapaas which I have done for these many years would go in vain.

King Dasaratha: OK Sage! Please let me know how can I help you with this?

Sage Vishwaamitra: King! I want you to send your elder son Rama with me for a few Days. Rama can help me to fight those Rakshasas and we will destroy them. You need not worry about Rama, as he would be safe with me. I will provide him will all the facilities, which a prince must have. He will grow up in a princely nature. As you have promised me, that you will obey and do as i say! Please fulfill your Promise. If you do so, you will be recognized in the three worlds.

Listening to Sage Vishwaamitra’s words, King Dasaratha fluttered with anxiety and despair. He was stunned and speechless, because he did not want to send his son to the battle field. He was not ready to see Rama killed by the Rakshasas. Puzzeled with Vishwamitra’s request, he asked the sage

King Dasaratha: Sage! Please forgive me as I cant do this. Rama is my eldest son, But he is not yet sixteen years so it would be a waste if you take him to fight with the Rakshasas. Sage Vishwaamitra,Please don’t ask for my son. I will come along with my soldiers to help you. How can a young boy Rama fight with the Rakshasas.

Sage Vishwaamitra: (Characterized the two Rakshasas, Maareecha, Subaahu and Ravana their instructor) King! Send your son Rama with me, as I require him.

King Dasaratha: No! I will die, if you take Rama apart from me.

Sage Vishwaamitra: Is this your final decision? if yes! live long with your affinity. I will go back the way I came.

King Dasaratha: Sage! I am sorry, I cant send my son with you instead I will come with my army.

These words of King Dasaratha was like someone had poured ghee on a burning fire. Sage Vishwaamitra was filled with anger. The whole universe shook and even the gods in heaven were scared about the emanation of the Sage’s Power. As a King, Dasaratha was not ready to keep up his promise. Sage Vasishtha realizing the gravity of  the situation spoke to King Dasaratha:

Sage Vasishtha: King Dasharatha! Please don’t be scared of sending your son Rama with Vishwaamitra. As a king, what you have promised once cannot be changed. You have no other choice than sending Rama with Vishwaamitra. If you break down in doing so, all the dignity which you have earned by your achievements & administration would be the waste. Rama will be safe in the hands of Vishwaamitra and you need not worry about him. No Rakshasas can harm Rama as he is under the power of Vishwaamitra. This is a opportunity for you to send your son with such a great Sage. Please! send Rama and Lakshmana with the sage.

Sage Vishwaamitra is energetic and powerful. through his dedicated tapaas (Meditation) for years and years, he has gained these powers. In the three worlds there is not a single person who is equal to him. He also has all the powerful weapons and he can fight with the Rakshasas and defeat them but he has come here for the benifit of your sons. Please! do not stumble to send your sons with him.

Listening to Vasishtha’s words King Dasaratha agrees to send both Rama and Lakshmana with the Sage. The two Princes take the blessings from their Mothers and their father Dasaratha and proceed with Vishwaamitra. As they left, the environment was filled with Fragrance of the flowers, cool breeze started to flow, birds started singing and it had been a very wonderful day. when they moved with the king with the bow in their hands, it looked like a three-headed cobra which lifted its head.