Birth of Lord Raama is celebrated as Raama Navami by Hindus. According to a modern scientific research, Rama  was  born on 10th January 5114BC noon  between 12:00pm to 1:00pm. This date was derived by using planetary positions documented in Valmiki’s Raamayana.  Let us review the story of Raama’s Birth.

There lived a kingdom named Kosala to the north of River Ganga, which was made productive and fruitful by the river Sarayu. Manu, the eminent ruler of solar dynasty built Ayodhya which was the capital of Kosala. When we read Valmiki’s documentations about the ancient Ayodhya, it tells us that it was not less than our modern cities. The ancient Indian cities had a very comfortable & a sustainable lifestyle. Ayodhya was ruled by king Dasaratha. Several wars had taken place in Ayodhya. King Dasaratha fought with the Devas and won the war. His fame was spread all over the three worlds. He was equal of Indra and Kubera.  The people who lived in Kosala were happy because their land was well protected and safe in the hands of king Dasaratha. Ayodhya stood true to its name (Ayodhya means which cannot be subdued by war). There were Boundry walls built around the Ayodhya with a deep wide ditch, usually filled with water, animals like crocodiles were kept in the water, typically surrounding a fortified medieval town, fortress, or castle as a protection against the enemies. During these days the taxes were low and the punishment of crime was fair. King Dasaratha shone as the rising sun for all the deeds which he had done to his people in Ayodhya.

Birth of Lord Raama

King Dasaratha had eight smart ministers, who were always ready to give him suggestions and follow his orders. Rituals and Sacrifices were performed under the sages like Vasishtha and Vamadeva. In spite of living such a luxurious life, he had a concern that he had no son. To solve this problem One morning Dasaratha had a discussion with his religious masters.

King Dasaratha: Swami! Please tell me if there are any measures with which I can solve my problem and get a heir for the  kingdom?

Sages: Dasaratha! We suggest you to perform a horse-sacrifice(The Yaaga) with the initiative of Sage Rishya – Sringa.

King Dasaratha: Thank you Swami! I will do as you say.

King Dasaratha with his ministers started the preparation for the Yaaga. The day of Yaaga came and it was a very glorious affair. This was not an easy task to be performed because the location and erection of the sacrificial platform should be perfect. All this was done under the supervision of experts. Various kings were invited on this occasion. Finally, when all the arrangements were done the ceremonies begun with Shaastras.

Co-incidentally when this Yaaga was being performed in Ayodhya, the Devas Who were tormented by Ravana, reached Lord Brahma’s court with a  plea for help.  Ravana  with his ego of  power had been evil to the last mile.  Devas felt helpless as  he had a boom from Lord Brahma, that made his indestructible. Devas were desperate for help.

Devas: Lord Brahma! We have come here with the concern against Ravana, The king of Demons. Please give us a solution for this.

Lord Brahma: Devas! Could you please explain me what is happened?

Devas: Ravana is Misusing all the good powers which you have given him. He is troubling us and he also ill-treats the women. The misery and hardship which is given by Ravana is intolerable. He is been so arrogant and wicked and wants to degrade Indra. We don’t have the capacity to kill him and so we have come here to seek your help in killing Ravana.

Lord Brahma: Devas! It is not possible for me to kill Ravana because I have already given him the indestructible and unbeatable power against you, Asuras, Gandharvas and others. When Ravana had recieved these powers from me, in excitement he forgot to ask for the security against Mankind. Hence I suggest you to ask Lord Vishnu for help.

Listening to Lord Brahma’s words,the Devas rejoiced and turned towards Lord Vishnu for help.

Devas: Lord Vishnu! (Explaining Lord Vishnu the problem) Please help us with this problem. Lord! Could you please take the form of a human and destroy Ravana.

Lord Vishnu: Yes! I will do it. I have to take birth in a Human form and then kill Ravana. I will be born as one among King Dasaratha’s sons and kill him.


On the other side King Dasaratha who was performing Yaaga poured ghee into the fire and the flames Rose up and Blazed, and looked like a noon-day sun which held a gold bowl. He heard a voice from the flame which told him – “King Dasaratha. The god’s are pleased with your Yaaga and have come down to bless you with what you Have prayed. Here is a Bowl of paayasam (Porridge) which is sent by the gods for your wives and they will be blessed with sons if they consumed this”. With full of joy on his face, Dasaratha received the bowl as he in gratitude and distributed the paayasam among his three wives Kausalya, Sumitra, Kaikeyi. He gave the bowl to Kausalya and asked her to drink half of it and pass it on to Sumitra and what was again remaining was drunk by Kaikeyi and what was remaining was given to Sumitra again. In course of time King Dasaratha was blessed with four sons from his three wives, Raama of Kausalya, Bharata of Kaikeyi and Lakshmana and Satrughna were twins of Sumitra, as she had drunk the holy Paayasam twice.