20mm rudraksha japa mala

Scientifically, Rudraksha is a seed that comes from Elaeocarpus tree, commonly known as the Rudrasha tree.  The seed has a fleshy outer shell, which when fully ripe, turns into a blue colour. They are also called blueberry seeds or beads. The Rudrasha tree is green throughout the year and grows real quick and starts bearing fruit within three to four years.

Spiritually, term Rudraksha is a formation of two words. Rudra and Aksha. Rudra is one of the other names of Lord Shiva and Aksha means teardrops.
According to the holy books, while Lord Shiva was meditating for the safety and good of the earth, the devil “Tripurasur/Tarakasur” was destroying the mankind. To kill Tarakasur, Lord Shiva used a weapon called “Aaghor” which caused mass destruction and disorder. Seeing this, Lord Shiva was saddened and a compassionate teardrop fell from his eyes. The teardrop grew into a Rudraksha tree.

Another version of the origin of the Rudraksha tree is, after a long and deep meditation of many years, when Lord Shiva opens his eyes, a tear fell from his eyes and grew into a tree called the Rudraksha tree. As per Hindu Holy Books, tears falling from Lord Shiva’s eyes are bad luck for humankind. But this teardrop that became into a Rudraksha tree is considered a symbol of compassion.

So the Rudraksha bead is the bead of Power, cures many emotional and physical ailments. History shows that people who wear Radraksha beads have benefited in good health, protection from evil, prosperity, emotional problems being solved and most of all spiritual empowerment.

For thousands of years, it is believed that the Rudraksha holds the secret of the universe’s growth, in itself. There is a lot written about the powers of Rudraksha in many Hindu holy books. Those who wear Rudraksha are protected from all negativity.

Classification Of Rudraksha  Beads :

Rudraksha can  be  classified based on the  mukhis (faces)  , type of  beads  , botanical variety of the  plant, origin & size.

  1. Mukhis : Rudraksha  can be  classified on the  basis  of  mukhis. There are many Mukhis (also called as Faces) in a Rudraksha. it can have from 1 to 21 mukhis. Each Rudraksha , depending on the number of faces or mukhis in it, has different effects on the person who wears it. The cost & availability also varies based on the  mukhis.
  2. Type  of beads : These  can be simple beads  like 1 mukhi  to 21  mukhis  or  there  can also be  conjugated or  complex beads like Gauri Shankar Rudraksha , Garb Gauri  Rudraksha , Ganesh Rudraksha etc.
  3. Botanical variety  of the  plant : based on this  there  can  be  chikna or  java variety of  rudraksha.
  4. Origin: the  beads that  grow in a  specific geographic locations , usually these  beads  are  from Nepal, Indonasia ,  or India . There are  some  varieties that grow in china  too ,  but they are  of  very  bad  quality.
  5. Size :  the  size  of  the bead can vary from 3mm to 27mm.

Authenticity Test for Rudrakasha Beads

Each mukhi is a compartment for a living seed inside the Rudraksha. Rudraksha has a central natural channel in it through which a  thread can be  passed. The power and the properties in a Rudraksha comes from the living seeds inside it.

In a single mukhi (Ek Mukhi) Rudraksha the  central channel is  very narrow, almost a micro channel through which even a thread cannot be passed.  In any rudraksha If you try to drill the channel to widen it, it may  directly  kill the seeds  inside  or it will cause micro cracks in the Rudraksha  & let some bacteria or  microbes to go in and kill the seed. Once the living seed inside the Rudraksha is dead, a Rudraksha is of no use.

You may also get forged plastic Rudrakshas. The only ways to check the authenticity of a Rudraksha is by either holding it in front of the fire, in which case it might melt if it is made of plastic or it will burn if it is a genuine Rudraksha. You may loose the genuine Rudraksha but at least you will know that you cannot trust the person who sold it to you.

Another way to test the Authenticity of a Rudraksha is to get a X-ray done. Though, again, the harsh radiation of the X-ray might kill the living seed inside the Rudraksha and make it useless, you will still be able to see the actual compartments and the seeds inside the Rudraksha.

These  days  there a  lot of  Rudraksha being sold along with a small X-Ray sheet of the seeds  inside , as a  proof  of  authenticity. But we strongly suggest  not to go for such rudraksha , because the  harsh Ionizing X-ray has  already  killed or  diseased the seeds inside. hence it has  no intended or  proposed Power.

Rudrakha japmalas are easily available and can be used for meditation or chanting mantras or to be worn. A japamala  made from 108 + 1 beads of 8mm panchmukhi Rudraksha (5 face  rudraksha) is commonly used  &  this  japamala can be used  by anyone without any astrologers consultation.   Japamalas  can be  made with any combination of different types  of  Rudraksha or  stone beads. But traditionally the mala has  beads  in counts or  multiples of  9  (like 108 beads , or 54 beads etc). you can  also have  japamala  that indents with a  special  bead  at every 9th count.

At the end of each mala is a Sumeru bead which completes  the mala.

There are 38 varieties of Rudraksha. A few of them are Ganesh Rudraksha, Gauri Shankar, Garbh Gauri, Trijuti Rudraksha. And of course the Rudraksha with mukhis 1 to 21.


Please be warned that there is another seed which looks exactly like a Rudraksha but is called Badraksh. It is the seed of poison. it is  filled  with minute  Phyto toxins that effects the  persons  health on a  long run. It destroys and it is easily available in the market, sold as a Rudraksha. So please buy a real Rudraksha from a known source or a well renowned source. and don’t get cheated.  Rudraksha grows at the sea level or 3000 feet above it. Mostly found in the Himalayas, Nepal, Indonesia. Whereas Badraksh is grows in China.


Rudraksha has been there for thousands of years and it has a lot qualities that helps with emotional and physical problems like blood pressure,  depression, knowledge, concentration, education, self-confidence, self-empowerment, peace of mind, good relationships, blocks negativity in life, enhances spiritual well-being, etc. It brings happiness and gives you the ability to live a fearless harmonious life.