10 things you don't know about your mala

Hinduism is soo diverse and interesting that every ritual or tradition has some exceptions. What is even more interesting is that every tradition and itsexception have their own stories and perfect logic. Like nature itself who gives us facts and exceptions to those facts that make perfect sense and logic. And sometimes even shows us the sense in the nonsense.

Japa malas or meditation malas as we know it these days, have been used  for centuries together in every non-Abrahamic traditions like  Hindu, Buddhist, jain etc. but every tradition and their local folklore and culture have their own variations of using the mala.  Here in this slideshow we try to list a few facts of a japa mala that you did not know before.



10 things you didn't know about your mala
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10 things you didn't know about your mala
10 SHOCKING facts about your meditation mala that you never knew before. after reading this you will never use your medidation japamala the same way again. Om Namah Shivaya
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